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If you are interested in developments in fintech, cryptocurrency and decentralized finance, the Chairman of MRHB DeFi Khalid Howlader, is set to appear on a panel at the upcoming Turin Islamic Economic Forum (TIEF), this Wednesday in Turin, Italy.

According to the “State of the Global Islamic Economy Report” (Thomson Reuters, 2020/2021), with governments and banks encouraging Islamic finance and improving financial inclusion, both Muslim-majority and minority countries have started to recognize the untapped potential of the Islamic Finance sector. Islamic Finance is continuing to expand and the report states that it could become an important part of the future of developed nations’ ability to attract fresh capital for investment in infrastructure, new technologies, renewable energy, real estate and strategic resources.

You can find out more about the event here: https://www.tief.it/?lang=en

Khalid Howladar, is Chairman of MRHB DeFi, the world’s first ethical and faith-based decentralized finance platform.

He is also Senior MD and Head of Credit & Sukuk for R.J. Fleming & Co. and was previously Global Head of Islamic Finance and Head of the GCC banking team at Moody’s Investors Service, London and Dubai. He has addressed audiences worldwide including at the World Bank, IMF, ECB and IIF.


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