Axelar, a decentralized interoperability network that connects blockchain ecosystems, applications, and users, announced it has entered into a new partnership with Keplr, the largest Cosmos interchain wallet.

The partnership will integrate the Keplr Wallet into the Axelar network to unlock liquidity within the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond. Keplr is the most considerable Cosmos wallet and offers users all-in-one tools to manage their assets, access decentralized applications (dApps), and stake tokens.

Integration Interests

Through this integration, users will be able to transact, stake, and participate in the Axelar network governance via the Keplr web and mobile wallets.

Furthermore, the partnership will also allow assets to be transferred from the Axelar network to other Cosmos chains and back via IBC; supported by both the Axelar network and Keplr.

“Keplr is the go-to wallet for Cosmos users, and we are excited for them to partner with the Axelar network and support the ecosystem. This integration is a big milestone for the multi-chain future and to connect Cosmos networks with other external ecosystems.”
– Sergey Gorbunov, Co-Founder & CEO of Axelar

Integration means users will be able to move assets from all Cosmos chains to other ecosystems connected via the Axelar network, such as EVM chains like Ethereum, Avalanche, Moonbeam, and others. This will not only increase liquidity for users but will expand Keplr’s network of dApps and their utility.

“This latest integration with Axelar network is satisfying a growing demand for cross-chain asset movement support across the industry. Axelar network will lead the charge in bringing highly in-demand assets such as Bitcoin to the Interchain; and further catalyze IBC adoption.”
– Josh Lee, Co-Founder of Keplr Wallet

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