Coinbase will cover 90% of costs for 10 talented individuals to attend inaugural Dapp Ethereum Bootcamp.

Coinbase has an ambitious mission to increase economic freedom in the world. By leveraging blockchain technology and digital currencies, we’re building an open financial system, in which capital flows through open-source protocols that are faster, more transparent, and available to all. In order for the technology to achieve its full potential, the crypto industry needs to attract the most talented, motivated, and diverse people who can help build the future.

As part of Coinbase Giving — our philanthropic arm funded by 1% of equity, profit, and employee time — we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with the Dapp Ethereum bootcamp to fund 10 scholarships for applicants from India, with a focus on attracting women applicants. Applications are due August 13, 2021 for the inaugural cohort August 22-29, 2021.

The Dapp Ethereum bootcamp was founded by Preethi Kasireddy, a leading expert on Ethereum, who started her crypto career as an engineer at Coinbase. We are inspired by Preethi’s entrepreneurialism and passion for developing emerging talent globally. As such, we’re honored to partner with Preethi on the ground floor of her inaugural bootcamp.

By providing 10 talented individuals with a scholarship covering 90% of costs, we will help foster the next generation of global talent in the cryptocurrency industry.

Apply here by August 13th, if you’re interested in launching your first Dapp on Ethereum.

Coinbase is hiring across all functions and roles in India. Read more about our ambitious India plans here.

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